Affordable healthcare in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico for healthcare has been becoming more popular within Americans, especially for elective surgeries not covered by insurance


FUE Hair Transplant in Mexico

An FUE Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure to help patients suffering from alopecia or baldness. It involves the extraction of hair grafts from a donor area to implant them into the balding section of the scalp.

On average a FUE hair transplant in Mexico ranges between $2,500 and $6,500 USD. The price depends on many factors like the patient’s level of alopecia, the patient's age and type of hair, the number of grafts needed to restore the hair, among others.

# Grafts Mexico United States
1,000 $2,300 $5,750
2,000 $4,600 $11,500
3,000 $6,900 $17,250

When looking for a hair transplant in Mexico we recommend the following:

  • Get as many online evaluations as possible.
  • Take into account proximity and travel cost and time.
  • Choose a Top quality surgeon.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico


A Gastric Sleeve is one of the most effective treatments for sustained weight loss in people with obesity, It has become one of the most popular and safest weight loss surgeries worldwide.

Patients experience an average of 50% – 65% excess weight loss in a period of 1 to 2 years after surgery. Learn the benefits of having a gastric sleeve in Mexico.

A Gastric Sleeve Surgery in the United States costs around $15,000 – $25,000, while in Mexico the average cost of a Gastric Sleeve is $6,000 USD.

When looking a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico we recommend the following:

  • Make sure your doctor is a Bariatric Surgeon certified by CMCOEM.
  • Look for Bariatric Surgeon reviews
  • Get online evaluations, at least 5, to see if you are a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery and ask many questions.

All-on-Four Dental implants in Mexico

An All-on-4 is a new technique to replace (or rebuild) all teeth on a person’s mouth, it’s a full mouth reconstruction dental procedure. Uses 4 dental implants and a fixed denture to restore all teeth on the upper or lower arc.

Thanks to this permanent dental procedure, the patient regains a functional, aesthetic and a beautiful smile.

Cost of All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico

The average cost of an all-on-4 in Mexico is around $8,000 USD (including dentures and implants). The price might increase if the patient needs bone graft to support the dental implants.

Also, there are brands for dental implants and fixed dentures that affect the cost.

Mexico United States
All-on-Four (per arc) $8,000 $24,000

Having dental work done in Mexico is an affordable option for most Americans.

Finding a good trusted, highly trained dental surgeon in Mexico can be a daunting task, you need to do research and take into consideration the 4 most important aspects to validate a dental surgeon and choose right.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico


Knee replacement is one of the most successful orthopedic surgeries performed today.

The surgery involves the replacement of the unhealthy surface of the knee joint by the metal & plastic implant. Learn more about the benefits of knee replacemente surgery

There are two types of knee replacement, the Total Knee Replacement and Unicompartmental knee replacement

  • Total Knee replacement where the entire joint is replaced with artificial surfaces
  • Partial (or unicompartmental) Knee replacement where only the damaged compartment of the knee is replaced.

The average cost of a knee replacement in Mexico is between $7,000 USD and $10,000 USD.

Mexico United States
Total Knee replacement $10,000 $8,000
Partial Knee replacement $30,000 $20,000

Only a Orthopedic Surgeon is able to perform a knee replacement surgery, make sure to consider the most important factors when searching for a good Orthopedic Surgeon in Mexico.

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Searching for affordable healthcare in Mexico has been becoming more popular within Americans, especially for elective surgeries not covered by insurance

We address some of the challenges, provide tips and suggestions on how to find high quality and affordable health care in Mexico.

What regulates healthcare in Mexico?

COFEPRIS and CONADEM are government institutions that certified surgeons and regulate health care facilities and providers.

Mexico health care system. How it works

From the standard of hospital care to private health insurance, learn about the healthcare system in Mexico.

Having plastic surgery in Mexico

Mexico is mostly known for its cosmetic procedures and it boasts a wide variety of them, from facial surgery procedures to body contouring ones.

Top Cities in Mexico for health care

Tijuana, Los Algodones, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City and Cabo are the most visited cities in Mexico for health care.

How to choose a safe health care provider ?

Get recommendations from friends and family, research each surgeon, check reviews and get online consultations.

Real Patients experience

Learn from patients who have had elective surgery in Mexico.

When it comes to medical tourism, Mexico ranks as one of the most popular destinations in the world. When it comes to medical tourism, Mexico ranks as one of the most popular destinations in the world.

The key is to find the right surgeon and medical facility. A surgeon who can make you feel confident and guarantee the quality of the medical procedure.

A good place to find the best option is by listening to patients' experiences. In this section, you will find real experiences of patients who have had a medical procedure in Mexico.

Just out of procedure, HMR Tijuana.
Just finished, 3000 grafts, $2.3 per graft done by Dr Cortez at HMR Tijuana.
It went surprisingly well, no pain at all. I actually had 2 doctors, Dr Cortez and his apprentice Dr Jorge
Dr Cortez drew the hairline and discussed my options, he did all the extractions himself. 4 assistants looked at every hair with a microscope and sorted them.

star star star star star

I had a very good experience with a gastric sleeve in Tijuana. The process they have for taking care of patients from the time they land at the airport in San Diego to several days later when they bring us back was very efficient and easy. The hotel was very comfortable and the hospital liaison stationed at the hotel, Jesus, was the sweetest, most accommodating man who was very happy to be involved in patients' getting healthy. My patient coordinator was so helpful and available…

star star star star star

Even after the incentive payments and travel expenses, we still save about half the cost of paying for care in the United States. It’s been a nice option — not a magic bullet — but a nice option.

star star star star star

Everyone was very helpful. Each person was a specialist from diagnostic, root canals, fillings, crowns, extractions and a cavity were all done with precision. I am also pleased with my bridges

star star star star star


  • What is COFEPRIS?

    COFEPRIS or the Federal Committee for Protection from Sanitary Risks, it deals with controlling health facilities and sanitary control.

  • Do doctors in Mexico offer online consultation?

    Yes, most doctors speak English and offer online consultation to patients living abroad.

  • What surgeries do people go to Mexico for?

    Mostly Cosmetic surgeries, Weight Loss surgeries, Orthopedic surgeries and Dental Work

  • Is having surgery in Mexico safe?

    If done with the right surgeon in a proper medical facility, yes.