One of the Top Medical Destinations: Tijuana

Tijuana is known for being one of the most visited destinations in Mexico for foreigners looking for medical treatment. Patients from all over the world, especially the United States and Canada, flock to Tijuana every year to receive affordable and high quality medical care.

One of the main reasons Tijuana is such a popular destination is its location. In fact, Tijuana is only 15 minutes away from the San Diego airport and just a couple of hours away by air from some of the main cities in the United States.

Another very important factor for Tijuana’s popularity in the area of medical tourism is the quality of the medical services and private hospitals, most medical staff is bilingual and surgeons are usually trained or have studied in the United States or Europe. In addition, these surgeons are certified by the health care system authorities in Mexico and some are also certified by international medical groups.

One of the reasons for Tijuana’s popularity is the variety of treatments offered in this city’s hospitals, from cosmetic procedures such as face lifts, bbl’s (brazilian butt lift), FUE hair transplants, to dental care procedures, bariatric surgeries, stem cell therapies, among other similar procedures.


Cost is another important factor that foreign patients take into consideration when choosing Tijuana. For example, the average price for a hair transplant in Tijuana ranges from $2,990 USD to $6,990 USD, a gastric sleeve surgery is around $4,000 USD to $7,000 USD or an all-on-4 dental implant procedure can cost between $7,000 USD up to $14,000 USD per arch.

Not only is Tijuana known for having high quality medical care but it’s also a touristic hub. It has various museums and art venues, as well as delicious food, from fresh seafood to the famous Mexican tacos. There are also many sites to visit such as, Avenida Revolucion, many local coffee shops, galleries, beaches, restaurants and different outdoor spaces.

Tijuana has grown to become a leading city for medical care which also boasts many cultural attractions. This is a great choice for international patients who are looking for cost-efficient medical procedures in a city where medical staff is able to accomodate them and make them feel comfortable far away from home and at the same time patients are able to enjoy what the city has to offer.