Assisted Living in Mexico

Costs, Quality, Benefits

According to Investopedia, Mexico is in the top 5 best countries for retirement in 2021. It’s a very popular destination among retirees due to its mild climate and close proximity to the United States and Canada. In addition, it’s a fairly easy country to settle in, retirees can get a temporary visa if they meet a minimum monthly income or by owning property in Mexico.

Further, Mexico offers many different options, not only independent living but also assisted living and nursing care. The majority of the places that offer the option of assisted living or nursing care, offer high-quality and affordable care.


Although the culture of care for the elderly in Mexico is very different from the United States and Canada, the number of facilities that offer independent/assisted living and nursing care are designed to meet the needs of retirees from these two countries, such as an English speaking staff(the nurses and doctors speak English), celebration of holidays that are from the United States and Canada, among other benefits that fit the needs of foreign retirees.

It’s crucial for foreigners who are thinking of potentially retiring in Mexico to take into account the following topics, such as cost, quality of care, and cultural differences.

Cost of Assisted Living in Mexico

Country Average Cost
1. Mexico $1500
2. United States $4300
3. Canada $3500
4. Costa Rica $2500
5. Panama $4000

Assisted Living in the United States costs around $4,300 per month, this includes housing, utilities, common area maintenance and repairs, staff, among other things that might affect the cost. However, this can vary depending on the region, places in the East or West coast have prices which can be around $5,000to $6,000 per month since the cost of living there is higher. On the other hand, assisted living in Mexico costs around $1,000 to $2,000 per month . The average difference of cost between the United States and Mexico is around $1,500 to $4,000. Here’s a comparison between Mexico and other countries that also offer assisted living.

Quality of Assisted Living in Mexico

The care of Assisted living facilities in Mexico is equal in terms of quality to the ones in the United States. Most assisted living communities in Mexico have around 15-20 residents which means that residents receive more personal attention and assistance. These facilities are staffed with trained nurses and an on-staff doctor.

Assisted living communities also offer a variety of amenities and perks such as housekeeping, easy access to top notch health care, 24-hour security, wellness programs, management of medication, internet service, cable and commonly the presence of medical staff 24/7.


Cultural Differences


Even though Mexico is geographically close to the United States and Canada, there are very clear cultural differences like the language and cuisine. Nonetheless, the staff at assisted living communities try their best to offer a comfortable experience for their residents.

Staff will most likely be bilingual and communicate with the residents in English. As for the cuisine, traditional Mexican food will most likely be served to the residents but the spices will be toned down because, as stated before, the staff wants the residents to feel comfortable and at home in these facilities.

It is crucial for retirees interested in moving to Mexico to understand that although the facilities will try to make them feel comfortable it’s important that they also make an effort to adapt to this new country and culture, it’ll make the move and experience better.

Aspects to Keep in Mind When Choosing and Assisted Living Facility

When choosing an assisted living facility in Mexico there are two main aspects you should keep in mind: location and the services offered by the facility.

  • Location: The location of the facility is a very important factor. Retirees should consider the type of climate and landscape they prefer, this will narrow down the options. Usually facilities close to the beach can be a bit more costly than other locations due to certain factors such as air conditioning and the proximity to the sea or ocean. There are certain locations that are more popular than others, where the number of retirement communities has grown throughout the years, such locations are Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Miguel de Allende, among other central and coastal regions of Mexico.
  • Apart from the general services offered by the assisted living facility, like housing, common areas, bilingual staff members, among others it’s important to also figure out if they offer long-term care options, if the doctors that are on staff are specialized in whatever ailments the patient has, whether they offer transportation and if there are hospitals or clinics close by (private or public) where retirees can be attended if needed.

These are only some important factors that retirees need to keep in mind when choosing a community, they should also read reviews of the facilities and staff, as well as contact the facility and maybe even visit it. Doing all this will help retirees have a broader understanding of how life in assisted living communities is like in Mexico and if it’s something they would like to keep pursuing.


  • What services are included in assisted living in Mexico?

    People have access to services such as cleaning services, transportation, personal care, meal plans, etc.

  • How long does it take to adjust to assisted living?

    It takes people around 3 to 6 months to adjust to the move.

  • When should assisted living be considered?

    It should be considered when accidents are happening with frequency, when medical care becomes more frequent, when memory loss starts to become a problem, when personal care is neglected or becomes difficult, etc.