Expats Living in Mexico- Health Care

Acces, Hospitals and Cost

According to a survey carried out by InterNations, Mexico was ranked the second best country for expats to settle in. This survey took into account not only the ease of settling in a country but also how satisfied expats were with aspects such as health and well being.

Mexico is known for having affordable and high-quality health care. In addition, Mexico boasts of universal health coverage, this means that everyone has access to health care services whenever and wherever they need them. A considerable number of doctors in Mexico attend medical school or train in the United States and Europe, thus their skills are top tier and they also have great English skills.

HealthCare in Mexico is relatively different from the one in the United States, there are important factors that expats who are moving to Mexico or just moved to Mexico should know so that they can easily navigate the healthcare system.


Basics of HealthCare in Mexico


Mexico has both public and private healthcare. In fact, the private healthcare system in Mexico has grown considerably due to the increase in medical tourism and easy access to high quality private healthcare services.

The public healthcare system in Mexico functions through the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and Popular Insurance (Seguro Popular). These two entities cover patients for nearly all medical services and prescriptions. Workers get enrolled automatically into the IMSS, if someone is not formally employed they can voluntarily enroll in the system. Those people who aren’t able to afford the IMSS can enroll with the Seguro Popular system. Conversely, private health care is financed through private health insurance. They tend to have a large amount of English speaking staff and shorter waiting periods.

Access to the HealthCare System in Mexico

Depending on a foreigners residency status their access to the Mexican healthcare system will vary. People who are non-residents and are only staying in Mexico for a short period of time don’t have access to the healthcare system in Mexico, they must have international travel insurance.

Temporary or permanent residents can enroll to the IMSS on a compulsory or voluntary basis, this will all depend on their employment status. They can also enroll with the Seguro Popular System, this can be the best option for people who suffer from pre-existing medical conditions.


Cost of HealthCare in Mexico


The cost of healthcare will depend on the type of insurance system you decide to enroll with, if you decide to enroll with the IMSS the price will be very different than enrolling with a private insurance.

Type of Insurance Cost
1. IMSS The cost of the annual enrolment with the IMSS will depend on the person’s age. However, it’s around $370 per person and it must be renewed every year.
2. Private Insurance The cost of private healthcare in Mexico is more accessible than in the United States. The average price for a consultation with a general practitioner can cost around $20. A night in an individual room in a hospital will cost between $150 to $270.

Top Communities of Expats in Mexico and Their Top Hospitals

There are many expat communities in Mexico. There are many different factors that go into choosing one, accessible hospitals and clinics are one of those factors due to the fact that healthcare is very important whether people are only visiting or want to live in Mexico. The following is a list of the top expat communities in Mexico and the main hospitals that are found there.

Location Hospital
1. Puerto Vallarta Vallarta Medical Center: This medical center abides by the highest quality standards. They have medical personnel, various specialists and paramedics. In addition, they also have modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.
2. San Miguel de Allende Joya Hospital: This hospital has an ample variety of medical services such as a rehabilitation center. They have over 20 different medical specialties and a pharmacy.In addition the majority of their doctors are bilingual.
3. Merida Star Medica Hospital: This hospital is White House certified in terms of advanced infrastructure and quality and they also have a bilingual staff. In addition, their staff offers personalized bedside manners.
4. Tulum Costamed Tulum: This hospital is small but it offers a wide range of specialties, such as dentistry and radiology. In addition, they also have a bilingual administration.

These are just a few of the most renowned hospitals expats can find in the top expat communities in Mexico. There are many more that also have advanced medical technology and excellent bilingual staff and are known among the thousands of medical tourists that visit Mexico or expats who live in Mexico.


  • Is upfront payment required in Mexican hospitals?

    Yes, most private hospitals in Mexico require upfront payment. This is a requirement for many hospitals before even performing any kind of medical procedure.

  • What is a Factura?

    This is a formal receipt that is given to patients for prescription drugs or medical services. It is essential that patients ask for it so that they can get reimbursed.

  • Do hospitals in Mexico accept U.S.health insurance?

    No, most hospitals in Mexico don’t accept U.S. health insurance.