Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

General information, Benefits and Treatment in Mexico

Stem cells are cells in the human body that are able to develop into different cell types. Sometimes, they can fix damaged tissue and they are sometimes used to treat certain illnesses. There are 2 main classes of stem cells, pluripotent which can become any cell in an adult body and multipotent cells which are more restricted.

Pluripotent stem cells mainly come from embryos, that’s why they are also known as embryonic stem cells.These specific stem cells are still being researched and have not yet been used therapeutically in humans. On the other hand, multipotent stem cells are very resilient and can become all the progenitor cells for a specific germ layer or can become one or two specialized cell types of a particular tissue. The best known multipotent stem cells are the ones found in the bone marrow due to the fact that they have been used therapeutically for a long time. Certain medical facilities in Mexico implement multipotent Mesenchymal stem cells to treat their patients.


Mesenchymal stem cells are used to treat various diseases because they have self-renewable, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. These cells use these specific properties to positively influence change within the body. Mesenchymal cells can divide and develop into multiple functional cell types that can be found in a specific tissue or organ.

Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico


One of the main objectives of stem cell therapy in Mexico is to aid the patient’s body to heal itself by alleviating the symptoms of the specific condition treated. In other words, stem cell therapy helps patients whose stem cells are damaged to slow down, stop or regenerate the lost cells or tissue. Stem cell therapy in Mexico works in three different stages. The first stage is to stop the damage to the body, followed by providing the patient with the materials to regenerate the damaged cells or tissue and lastly the organs, immune system and cells use this material to rebuild the damage done.

The allowed stem cell applications in Mexico are the following:

  • Intravenous(IV): the stem cells are injected into the bloodstream with mannitol to ensure that they reach the affected areas.
  • Intrathecal (IT): stem cells are infused into the cerebrospinal fluid through the subarachnoid spaces in the spinal canal.
  • Locally: the stem cells are directly delivered in the affected area considering the condition treated.

Stem cell therapy is regulated in Mexico by COFEPRIS which is the Mexican FDA-equivalent. Mexico has a regulatory framework to offer applications that are otherwise unavailable in countries like the United States or Canada, such as local direct applications, lumbar or cervical applications which have shown better results from patients than just receiving the stem cell therapy through IV.

Mexico is an extremely convenient medical destination for the people from the United States and Canada due to its proximity, affordable prices, great access and availability of stem cell therapy due to Mexico's progressive legislation.

Types of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

There are different types of stem cell therapies offered in Mexico, it will all depend on the medical facility, their offers vary. This is a list of the most common types of stem cell therapy offered in Mexico.

Type Definition
1.IV stem cell therapy The patient will receive prepared stem cells via an IV drip. They go directly into the bloodstream.
2. Injection stem cell therapy Stem cell injections are minimally invasive and patients can expect to feel relief from pain in less than 2 weeks. It’s important to take into consideration that stem cell injections only take care of part of the problem.
3. Intranasal stem cell therapy The stem cells are administered through the nose.
4. Nebulizer stem cell therapy The stem cells are delivered through a nebulizer in the form of a mist which is inhaled into the lungs.
5. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy Platelet rich plasma injections use a concentration of the patient's own platelets to speed the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, joint injuries,etc.
6. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy This stem cell therapy is an alternative to treat different blood diseases . It’s a safe and easy way to preserve genetic materials.
7. Cosmetic stem cell treatments This therapy is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that uses stem cells to make the body create more collagen.

It’s important to note that all these different types of stem cell treatments take different amounts of time to show results. However, under optimal conditions stem cell therapies can show results in as little as 2 to 12 weeks but certain factors affect the time it will take for the patient to see results, such as the condition being treated, the overall health of the patient and the aftercare plan of the patient.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Mexico

The cost of stem cell therapy in Mexico will depend a lot on the condition to be treated. The prices can range from $4,000 usd to $20,000 usd. For example, stem cell therapy for knee pain can range from $5,000usd to $10,000usd while stem cell therapy to treat arthritis can range from $5,000usd to $18,000usd and so on. It’s important to understand that the price will change depending on the patient’s condition and its severity, as well as what the patient is looking for and what their desired doctor will recommend.

Types of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico


R3 Stem Cell International

Tijuana, Cancun

This medical facility has performed over 16,000 procedures in 10 years and offers different stem cell therapy for various diseases


Giostar Mexico

Los Algodones, Cancún Riviera, Guadalajara

This medical facility has developed personalized protocols for each patient. It has kept expanding their stem cell therapy into new areas.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s thorough regulation, specific licensing and certifications and government mandated guidelines that medical facilities in Mexico must follow to be able to practice stem cell therapy. It’s also important to note that not everyone qualifies and not every illness can be treated with stem cells. Therefore, it’s important that potential patients do their own thorough research about stem cell therapy in Mexico and whether they qualify or not, as well as have an online consultation with their desired doctor and read reviews left by past patients.