Medical Tourism in Mexico

Top Destinations

According to the Official Government of Mexico, Mexico is the second destination for medical tourism worldwide, right behind Thailand.

Around 1.2 millions patients travel to Mexico for medical purposes every year. In addition, Mexico has 98 hospitals that are accredited by the Federal Department of Health.

As reported by the Department of Health, it is estimated that more than 1.7 of the 40 million foreign tourists who visited Mexico were there for medical reasons.

One of the main reasons why Mexico is such a popular destination is due to the affordable healthcare. In fact, patients can save up 35% to 85% on most medical treatments compared to the price that they would normally have to pay in the United States or Canada. Further, it’s location is ideal, it shares a border with the United States and is only a few hours away by plane from Canada.


In the last decade, Mexico has become the second most popular destination for medical tourism. The top 5 most popular destinations for medical tourism according to Megan Jerrard (an australian journalist) are the following:

Destination Advantages
1. Thailand medical procedures cost 50%-70% less than in countries like the United States or Canada.
2. Mexico Mexico receives more than 1 million foreign patients per year. They have quality procedures at affordable prices.
3. India They are known for their affordable eye and spine surgeries and they are a visa-free travel country for patients coming from countries like the United States.
4. Malaysia This country has highly developed medical facilities and boasts the same low costs as India.
5. Brazil They are known for their affordable plastic surgeries and have the clinic which has performed the most cosmetic surgeries in the world.

Experts point out that the majority of patients looking for these services are Americans because they are looking for savings in health costs and high-quality alternatives.

The top destinations in Mexico for medical procedures are the following:

  1. Tijuana: This city is one of the top medical tourism destinations in Mexico due to its top quality clinics and proximity to the United States. In addition, it has great gastronomy and artistic attractions.
  2. Cancun: This destination counts not only with top quality surgeons and clinics but it also has wonderful sandy beaches for a relaxing stay and archaeological sites for those who enjoy site-seeing.
  3. Mexico City: The capital of Mexico has a lot to offer, it’s a cosmopolitan city with some of the best hospitals and clinics in the country. It also has many cultural, artistic and historical sites.

These are the most visited cities by American and Canadian patients not only because of their top quality facilities and expert medical staff but also because of the different attractions they offer the patients during their stay.

Mexico is a big country and has many cities to choose from. It’s important to do your research on which city suits your needs and wants and what each offers. Further, it’s crucial to check hospital accreditations, contact your desired clinic and go over patient reviews.